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Trained Field Technicians

All of our field technicians have thousands of hours of training and field experience in the proper installation, deinstallation, relocation and maintenance requirements of the major equipment brands. Additionally our field technicians are fully trained on job safety procedures.

Torque Value Testing and Inspection

One of the most underrated steps to a good maintenance program is verification of torque values on bolted connections. Many electrical fires can be prevented with proper routine inspection and re-torque of bolted connection in all electrical equipment. In accordance with IEEE 450, every battery connection and should be inspected and torqued to the proper torque value. This is necessary due to the "cold flow" properties of lead terminals. When terminal hardware is bolted down onto lead terminals, the ductile lead material will actually untorque itself with changes in current and temperature. This should be performed at commissioning of any new battery, and then annually thereafter.

Thermal Scanning of Bolted Connections

Under load, an electrical circuit reveals qualitative and somewhat quantitative infrared information. This information can be converted to thermal data can help to determine the integrity of the conductors and particularly bolted connections and can also mitigate arc-faults. Monitoring excessive temperature at a connection (while under load) can help to isolate loose connections and have been very effective in helping to prevent electrical fires. This is particularly helpful with lead terminals since the nature of lead is to un-torque itself over time.

Thermal scan is excellent diagnostic and we use the following guidelines:

  • At 10ºC (50ºC) over ambient- SUSPECT
  • At 20ºC (68ºF) over ambient- CORRECT IMMEDIATELY
  • 20ºC (68ºF) over ambient- SHUTDOWN


Regardless of the battery chemistry, our program insures
compliance with federal mandates of Universal Waste Law Title 40, CFR 273, CFR 173 and with local enforcement agencies.

Our success is attributed to having the right people for the job and having the right tools to do the job both correctly and safely.

UPS, Battery Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

AC & DC Power Technologies, LLC offers the most advanced UPS and DC system maintenance and testing. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day. All DC system testing, acceptance testing, remedial maintenance testing and diagnostics testing is performed in accordance with the latest IEEE 1188, IEEE 450 and IEEE 1106 standards. Additionally, commissioning testing is performed routinely in accordance with NFPA111 for 3rd party acceptance testing of new construction projects. With us, you will get the Best Equipment Available and highly skilled field engineers. All equipment is calibrated annually and meets the minimum requirements for NFPA, OSHA and IEEE. We own our testing and service equipment to insure safe work sites, consistent service quality and timely responsiveness.

Routine Preventative Maintenance Agreements

We offer 1 to 3 year Service Agreements with 4 hour on-site response time for Emergency Service. We also offer Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreements. Our annual maintenance agreements provide discounted services and insure availability of field technicians during critical shutdown periods. Battery demolition, recycling, installation, and commissioning are also available.

All services listed below should be included in any good maintenance regimen. AC & DC Power Technologies has the expertise to make certain that data collected during service and repair is used properly to best assess the condition of the batteries and electronics. We will assist your engineers and planners in budgeting to insure ultimate reliability to your power systems.  Request A Free Maintenance Services Proposal

Rectifier Service and Testing

Our service and testing ranges from 3 amp DC rectifiers to 200,000 amp DC rectifiers used in battery charging, uninterruptible power supplies, transit, metalworking and electro-chemical processes. Services include routine maintenance and testing/replacement of components such as capacitors, relays and circuit card assemblies. Different charger models have varying limits on the output voltage control and regulation. It is critical that these systems be maintained to insure the maximum life possible from the battery system. When required, we also can supply new equipment for equipment in need of replacement.

Specific Gravity Readings

Specific gravity is measured using the latest technology in digital analysis and provides computerized printouts. The Anton Paar DMA-35N accommodates either alkaline (potassium hydroxide for nickel cadmium battery electrolyte) or sulfuric acid for lead acid batteries. This method provides automatic temperature compensation and offers better accuracy in results than the manual bulb/hydrometer method.

DC Internal Resistance, Conductance/Impedance Testing

Using the Midtronics CTA4000 allows the most accurate testing available for trending state of health of batteries. Equipment allows the expediency of automated results and data recording. We maintain an extensive data base by manufacture and cell type to insure accurate diagnostics and trouble-shooting.

Capacity Testing

The absolute best test for determining the status of a battery system is a properly performed capacity test. There is no substitute for determining the as-found condition of a battery than to discharge the battery at a known discharge rate that approximates the actual load. This testing should be performed every 2 years on critical power systems unless the capacity diminishes by more than 10% from the previous discharge test. In this case, the capacity test should be performed annually.

To make this testing as safe, as quick, and as accurate as possible, AC & DC Power Technologies uses the Alber BCT2000 test set, Cannon DC loadbank and the 2N load bank. Results are available immediately and allow for flexible format in reporting. Where the DC plant has only one string of batteries, we offer temporary batteries that can be connected without taking the system down. This allows the temporary battery to provide emergency power while the tested battery is being recharged.

UPS Operability Testing

Uninterruptible power supplies should be tested annually to insure cleanliness, operability, and reliability. Our project management team is experienced with all manufacturer's and makes of static type uninterruptible power supplies. All acceptance testing, commissioning testing and preventative maintenance testing is performed in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and the NFPA 111 guidelines.

Battery Removal and Recycling

AC & DC Power Technologies LLC provides services to insure your company is never at risk for EPA violations when it comes to removal, handling, disposal and recycling of spent products. We provide "cradle-to-grave" documentation for the handling, transportation and ultimate smelting of your retired battery systems.