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When you need to retire or dispose of equipment, such as batteries, we protect your legal exposure. Our personnel perform their work with total compliance to all EPA, DOT, EPD and OSHA laws and regulations.

UPS Battery and Critical Power Equipment Brands

In our business choosing the right brand is very important. As a critical power consultant we can help you to find the appropriate equipment for your particular situation. Factors such as performance specifications, cost of ownership, energy efficiency, reliability, compatibility with existing equipment and even physical dimensions are all important considerations when choosing your critical power equipment. We partner with the leading manufacturers to allow our customers a wide selection of brands for their UPS systems, batteries and related critical power equipment needs.

American Battery Charging

is a manufacturer of DC Controls, Power Supplies, Battery Enclosures, Battery Chargers and DC Regulators manufactured to United States, Canadian and European standards.


(by Schneider Electric) is a manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supply equipment including UPS Battery backups, Surge Protection, Power Conditioning, Equipment Racks and Accessories.


is a manufacturer of Backup Power Batteries including VLA BAtteries, VRLA Battery Chargers and Micro-Processor Based Battery Chargers.

Chloride Custom Power

is a manufacturer of Uniterruptible Power Supplies, DC/AC Inverters, Battery Chargers, Rectifiers, Power Supplies, Switches, Racks, Enclosures and equipment for Power Conditioning, Power Distribution and DC Fault Current Limiting.

Controlled Power Corporation

is a manufacturer of AC Circuit Breakers, DC Circuit Breakers, Switchgear and custom manufacturing of portable substations.


(East Penn Manufacturing) is the world's largest independent battery manufacturer and provides lead-acid batteries, battery accessories and wire products.

Eaton Powerware

is a manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), Surge Protective Devices, Switchgear, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Remote Monitoring, Meters, Software, Connectivity, Enclosures and Services.

Emerson Power

is a manufacturer of AC-DC Power Supplies, Batteries, Power Monitoring, Switching and Controls, Racks, Cabinets, Surge Protection, Structured Cabling and related critical power equipment.


is a manufacturer of Battery Chargers, Battery Racks, VRLA Batteries and Lead-Acid Batteries.


is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial Diesel Powered Generators and Gas Powered Generators.


is a manufacturer of UPS Batteries including Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Lead-Acid Batteries, Lithium Batteries and Silver Zinc Batteries.


is a manufacturer of Battery Charger Systems, AT-DC Distribution Panels, DC Disconnect Switches, DC Power Consoles and Counter EMF Devices.


is a manufacturer of High Resistance Grounding Systems, Protective Relays, Neutral Grounding Resistors, Power Resistors, Ground Fault Protection and personnel Protection Panels.


is a manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial Diesel Powered Generators and Gas Powered Generators.


is a leading manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Systems, Precision Cooling Systems, Server Racks and Cabinets, System Monitoring, Surge Protection, Power Distribution and Power Conditioning equipment designed for high efficiency to reduce the operating costs of IT facilities.


(by Schneider Electric) is a manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supply equipment including UPS Battery backups, Surge Protection, Power Conditioning, Equipment Racks and Accessories.

Onyx Power

is a best-in-class manufacturer of High Power Transformers, Magnetics, Inverters and Power Distribution Systems.

Power Battery Company

is a manufacturer of VRLA Batteries, Nickel-Cadmium Batteries,Cabinets, Racks, Switchgear, Spare BAttery Cabinets (SOS), Transformers, Maintenance Bypass Modules, Battery Monitoring, DC Disconnects, Battery Chargers, Circuit Breakers, Battery Trays and Spill Containment, Indoor Power Systems, Battery Cables and Connectors.


is a manufacturer ofenergy measurement equipment including Power Meters, Power Quality Analyzers, Power Quality Revenue Meters and Energy Management Software.


is a leading manufacturer of Single Phase UPS Systems, Three Phase UPS Systems, Protection and Control Systems, Surge Arrestors and Network Control Systems.

United Power

is a manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Rectifiers, Battery Chargers, Inverter Systems, Transfer Switches and Distribution Systems.


is a manufacturer of Liquid Filled Transformers, Single Phase or Three Phase, up to 7500KVA, and built as padmounted or substations.


is a manufacturer of Power Distribution Units (PDU), Single Phase Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Enclosures, Carts, KVM Switches, LCD Console Trays, HID Proximity Locking Systems, Airflow Management and Heat Containment equipment.

UPS, Battery and Equipment Manufacturers

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